The Parkway Cooperative of Burnsville

The Perfect Place To Call Home

Spacious and Maintained Residential Units for Seniors. An Ebenezer managed cooperative.

Parkway Cooperative of Burnsville Is having an Open House Friday, July 26, 2024 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM All are welcome!

Enjoy Our 62+ Maintenance-Free Living Community

Parkway Cooperative of Burnsville offers its residents a friendly community with lots to offer and is in a great location. With 102 spacious units and many enjoyable common rooms, Parkway is the perfect place to call home.


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Rear Facing Units, West End

Our Location

We are across from “The Heart of the City” of Burnsville, and just a short walk or drive from shopping, churches, restaurants, and so much more.

Our Pricing

One of the best things about Parkway Cooperative is the prices. We have low buy-in and monthly charges for our cooperative members. Check out the “Units” page on this site for more information on prices and unit sizes.


View of the Parkway Entrance and Parking Lot


What Is a Cooperative, and What Are the Benefits?

In most cases, members of housing cooperatives are considered homeowners for income tax purposes, and therefore receive the same tax benefits that homeowners receive. Individual members of housing co-ops can accumulate equity on their shares over time.

Why Being a Cooperative Member Is Better Than Renting

Seven advantages that make cooperative membership more attractive than renting:

  • 1 Ownership: The members own the cooperative. The landlord owns a rental.
  • 2 Control: The residents govern the cooperative. The landlord governs a rental.
  • 3 Operating Cost: In a cooperative, occupancy charges are equal to the actual cost of owning and operating the property. In a rental, rents go up faster than actual costs because the landlord is in business to make a profit. Cooperative members keep the profit that a landlord would pocket.
  • 4 Individuality: The cooperative allows members to customize their dwelling units. A landlord controls everything in a rental.
  • 5 Homeowner Tax Advantages: The cooperative passes income tax deductions through to its memberss. All the income tax benefits of rental properties go to the landlord.
  • 6 Equity Growth Potential: The cooperative passes equity growth potential to its memberss. A rental passes equity growth to the landlord.
  • 7 Overall Value: A cooperative maximizes benefits for its memberss. A rental maximizes profits for the landlord.